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Tishreen is a non-profit and non-partisan civic organization founded in 2008 in Taybeh, located in Israel’s Triangle region.  Founded by a diverse group of social activists, what unites us is our shared concern for the social-economic situation of the residents of Taybeh, the Southern Triangle and of Israel’s Arab citizens at large.  Despite being staffed mostly by unpaid volunteers and community activists, in the short time since our founding, we have established a physical and human organizational infrastructure and have developed a strong reputation for professionalism. We continue to focus our work on women and youth, involving hundreds of them throughout our multiple projects and initiatives. Tishreen also appeals to a broad network of volunteers who have contributed to the implementation of our social and public events. In addition, our numerous partnerships with different agencies in Taybeh and with Arab and Jewish NGOs nationally, has substantially strengthened our work.  More importantly, we are proud to say that the high quality of our programming has positioned us as a leading organization in the Southern Triangle region for social and economic development and advancement and our successes have inspired others to become active agents of change.

Tishreen focuses its work in the following areas:

  • Empowerment: We advance acquisition of the knowledge, competencies and tools necessary for advancing civil and human rights and influencing policies.
    • Organizational Development: We provide support and guidance to groups of activists working to advance social, political and human rights for our community while also providing them with the infrastructure necessary for implementation of social initiatives and community work.
    • Coalition Building: We work with other parties, government and civic, local and national, from across the political and religious spectrum, to implement joint projects and achieve, deeper impacts of wider shared goals.
  • Raising awareness: Working with youth groups and activists through various projects, activities, and initiatives to raise awareness on social, communal, political, environmental, economic and international topics.
  • Promoting Public Dialogue: Consistent with research findings and best practices, we initiate public dialogue and apply social media in order to educate our community regarding their right.